What are the benefits of my child participating?

Girls of Character is grounded and centered around God which will allow for your girls to gain and/or develop a relationship with God. Girls of Character will work with your child with developing her self confidence, self esteem and self assurance through the teaching and educating provided by Girls of Character. We will also work with developing social and communication skills.


Where does the money go for the fees and dues?

Girls of Character is a non for profit 501© 3 organization. All monies and funds goes toward the operation of the organization.


What happens when my child turns 13 years of age?

When your child turns 13 years of age, just like some of our other girls, they can remain a part of Girls of Character as a mentor.


Does my child have to be religious?

No she does not have to be religious but our goal would be for her to come to a place in her live where having a relationship with God becomes her number one priority.


Can I volunteer with the Girls of Character?

Yes, we welcome volunteers. On the contact tab send an email to inquire about volunteer opportunity.