About Girls of Character:


Girls of Character was founded in 2009 by Norma Venable as a result of her vision from God. At that time, the group consisted of 4 girls including her 6 year old daughter. They met in the basement of Norma’s home. As the group began to grow, there came a need for a location for the group to meet each month. Norma presented the idea of Girls of Character to her pastor, who opened the doors for the group to meet in the church fellowship hall. The group was named “Girls of Character” by the girls who were in the group at that time.


Girls of Character works with girls ages 4-12 to teach and educate them on the importance of having a foundation which will enable them to make healthy choices in their lives. Girls of Character provide tools to assist girls in developing their self confidence, self esteem, and self assurance. The education which the girls receive as they participate in Girls of Character prepares them to act as mentor to the younger girls in GOC once they reach the age of 13.


Girls of Character is non for profit organization 501©3. We have fundraisers throughout the year to assist with the overhead and operation of the organization. We welcome sponsors and all donations.